Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, This is YOUR Revolution

Right now in New York City, in a little park on Wall Street there are hundreds, and sometimes peaking at thousands of people protesting. What are they protesting?

Well according to some news sources, and people talking in general, lots of different things. One person I was speaking to this last weekend they are "calling for an end to capitalism" and true that SOME protestors are carrying signs saying this, BUT it is not the goal of the protest itself. They have a purpose which you can see video of Keith Olbermann reading here. They have a list of demands that can bee seen here.

So why Occupy Wall Street? Basically this is about Corporations and the control they have over us the citizens. To stop corporate influence on government and by extension on us.  To put the control BACK into the hands of the people. But this is NOT just occurring on wall street, its just where is started, right so the media has mentioned Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and a few other large cities, but it is happening everywhere. In My State Missouri, it is happening in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Joplin, and Springfield. To get a better Idea look at this map.

Looking at it you see a lot of cities nation wide, but it is not JUST an American movement, as you can also see this is an international movement, there are cities in Europe, Asia, and Australia, One or to locations have been reported in Africa as well, but unconfirmed at this point.

To get involved I will tell you it is a bit confusing at first, it is a leaderless movement, which means you voice matter, your voice counts, get involved. Go Look at that map, find a city near you and help out, look for them on Facebook, join the sight and offer help, or just see what is needed and help donate. But this is not just some fly by night occurrence, this is a movement that will just keep growing until we get our country back.