Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mysogynist Asshat Douche-Baggary is Screwing the Atheist Community

Jen McCreight has withdrawn from writing her blog any longer, I haz a sad. :-(

To the rest of the community, namely the hecklers and Idiots.


Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people? I thought when all this first broke out the most of the people were like me when I first dicovered I was a sexist, in denial. But after about 6 months I realized that NO these are the same idiots who keep posting the same vitriolic bullshit, month after month. They aren't learning or trying to see it from the opposite side, and instead maintain attack after attack. Yet, the have the nerve to call themselves Skeptics and Atheists???

Well they aren't.

A skeptic, a TRUE Skeptic looks at the situation from BOTH sides of the argument. Even if their bias at first leads to denial, a true skeptic will reason out the issue logically, and arrive at a reasoned decision. However many of these fuckers keep on going...

About two years ago my partner, came home from class an introduced me to some articles on objectification of women, after reading them I immediately said, "yeah, well that's not me". WRONG, I was dead wrong, I started looking around at what I do and say, how I look around at women in general. I was appalled. But I had to make the realization and then adjustments myself. I had always thought I was supportive of feminism, but never realize that I had pretty much kept it at arms length as it were.

But now we have douche-bags, who dare call themselves Skeptics, who are instead maintaining the status qo and attacking repeatedly over and over these beautiful women who are just trying to open our eyes and help us out of the misogyny we live under.

Here is a clue for you idiot guys and gals.

Just because you grew up with it in everyday society

 Slavery, was an everyday part of society, Women not having a vote was an everyday part of society, Thinking less of other races because their skin wasn't white was an everyday part of society, The earth being the center of the solar system was and everyday part of society.


So are you for maintaining these bullshit attacks for a year and a half.

When Atheism + came out I was like hell no we don't need to divide ourselves further, we need to find a middle ground and fix it. Well guess what, Atheism Plus didnt divide us, YOU Asshats did. I signed up and registered with the A+ forums today. You Mysogynist can have your little corner and grow the fuck up when reality slaps you in the face.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feminism... Its about understanding guys!!!

I have avoided this subject for months now thinking that it would come to a reasoned conclusion and people would settle down. Things would be discussed in panels and being rational critical thinkers, we would have reached a nice agreement and kept going. Not to mention that several people have said pretty much everything I thought about saying at the time and didn't really need my two cents thrown in. Until now.

I am really disappointed with Thunderfoot (TF) lately. I have followed TF on youtube for 3 or 4 years now. I was glad to see him become part of the Free Thought Blog site and was looking forward to his writings. Then he created his somewhat infamous opening post. He blasts certain parties for "over reacting" or "outrageously defining" or just plain being stupid. On top of that, he threw temper tantrums and whiny fits about his mistreatment over being kicked off for his highly inflammatory, ill informed, and in my opinion derogatory comments. Go read it, and the following threads, and you will probably see it the same yourself.

I am going to start my view on this with a quote from a screen shot I saw recently:
I attended a workshop about preventing gender violence. The facilitator posed a question to all of the men in the room.
"Men, what things do you do to protect yourself from being raped or sexually assaulted?"
Not one man, including myself could answer quickly the question. Finally, one man raised his had and said, "Nothing". Then facilitator asked the women the exact same question. Nearly all of the women raised their hand. One by one, each woman testified:

"I don't make eye contact with men when I walk down the street."
"I don't put my drink down at parties"
"I use the buddy system when i go places (parties, to the car, etc)"
"I cross the street when I see a group of guys walking in my direction"
"I place my keys in my hand as a potential weapon"

This went on for several minutes until the women's side of the blackboard was full.
In stark contrast stood the men's side of the blackboard that had that one word:

This isn't some random bull, I have seen this myself in a gender studies class I sat in on while I was in college, and the exact same scenario played out there as well. Why?

Because for centuries women have constantly lived in fear of being attacked, beaten and/or raped. Simply for being "in the wrong place at the wrong time", for "dressing inappropriately", for "acting permiscuous", etc, etc, etc. On top of that living in a male dominated machismo and misogyny driven societies for all those centuries. I know I used to be part of that society raised by conservative rural parents. As a matter of fact, gender violence and intimidation crosses all lines of orientation: race, religion, class, nationality, and political views. In no areas of identity are females 100% safe or not taken advantage of by the opposite sex.

Seeing and hearing the statements and reactions of the populace my parents surrounded themselves with (like minded individuals) reinforced within me the idea of the weaker sex. My dad swore he never hit my mother, my mother never would confirm or deny it, but my brother and I were sure it happened, though we never actually saw it.  saw many cases in other families or the man smacking his wife or girlfriend with a statement folowing like, "I already told you to shut up once".

Some of you may attempt to argue well this society doesn't REALLY exist here in the US any longer, to which I have to say "Horse hockey!!!"

A prime example is Miss Rebecca Watson and the Elevator-Gate Fiasco a year ago. Many of the male responses I read were the knee jerk reactionary type. Not well thought out reasoned rebuttals. I saw several responses that led me to think they were saying something like "I am not that way" and "I don't feel your judging ME fairly". Many of the responses issued, "your just over reacting to a 'perceived' bad situation". I am sorry guys, but she was absolutely right. By absolutely I mean 100% goddamn factual. And she wasn't screaming yelling or threatening she basically said: "Guys, if your in a situation like that, DON'T DO WHAT THAT GUY DID!!!" Fucking Period. See my opening quoted materials above for just a general idea why not if you're thick and wondering why. If your still thick how about the following.

We live in a country that according to the Domestic Violence Resource Center
  • Date rape accounts for almost 70% of sexual assaults reported by adolescent and college age women; 38% of those women are between 14 and 17 years old. 
  • Women accounted for 85% of the victims of intimate partner violence, men for approximately 15%.
  • 30% of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year.
  • One in five (21%) women reported she had been raped or physically or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. (Estimates I have seen previously say one in three or 33%)
  • 76% of female homicide victims were stalked prior to their death.
According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) citing a Department of Justice Survey:
  • Every ~2 minutes (152 Seconds) in this country someone is sexually assaulted, that's an average of 207,754 people a year (12 yrs and older)
So are women justified in being scared about insinuation and, in Rebecca's case, threats? You bet your ass they are. "But, But most rapes occur from people known by the attacker", and yeah that's true approximately for 70%, but that is still leaves 30% that are UNKNOWN assailants.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find numbers on how many threats have led to assaults, but I am sure the figures would surprise and disgust all of us. So Thunderfoot's argument about "Internet trolls does not equal an actual rape threat" which leads me to one inescapable question? How does he know?

OK, sure he has had his share of internet threats over the years, but he is also a man who DOESN'T have to live with the social fear that a disgruntled stalker would follow through with a threat of rape. Also there have been several cases in recent years of internet stalking that lead to the rape and murder of women. So he can't say it doesn't happen and Thunderfoot doesn't have to worry about rape as an looming threat either.

The other arguments I have been seeing is this whole idea that we men don't have to change. I think it was a friend of Penn Jillette (you know the loud mouth half of Penn and Teller), posted some blog or write-up that a female friend of his wrote. In it she claimed she was fine with men in the skeptic community and we DON'T need to listen to these femi-nazi's, telling how we are wrong. Or as Jen McCreight from Blag Hag summarized from that write-up:
"I’m a woman who doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the skeptic community, therefore all those other women who complain are humorless, overemotional, and anti-sex. Don’t listen to them, listen to me because I’m part of the boy’s club!”
Well that's nice for Penn's friend Mallorie, but what about the other side of the coin? OK sure there are some women out there that like to be manhandled or to be the recipients of macho men fawning on them, but they are not that many, at least not that I have seen. Sure they like "you men the way you are" but does that mean we can just carry on business as usual? NO.

We have to try to find a balance and that isn't going to happen as long as we remain divided, finger pointing, whining, or calling foul.

As men, we need to stop being so defensive, that we are immediately dismissing women as Nazi's, or whiners. Men have been objectifying women, and taking for granted our long history of machismo, and assuming everything is fine, status quo. We "don't listen to the vocal Minoritiy" when in fact the statistics and outcomes point to a strong fact saying otherwise. We need to reeducate ourselves about womens issue and LISTEN whether its one woman or a whole room full of women and give it equal weight, thinking it through.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Again I Haven't Written in Awhile

I go through spells where I just don't feel like writing. For years I had heard how terrible my writing is and I think that it has put a sort of block in my head where I just don't want to write some days...

However, lately I have also noticed that i have not real desire to try to write when I think it will do little good as well. What I mean is, that I see bloggers, lots of them, saying pretty much what I want to say. But very little seems to be coming out of it. The same stupid people reply with their attacks or the same supportive people with thier huzzahs. But I rarely see those, "wow I didn't know this", or "this really moved me", or "changed my opinion".

Recently I have been following the blogs and news about Jessica Ahlquist and man did she light a fire under the Theists asses recently. See she won her case against the Cranston Rhode Island school board for them having a prayer banner in their gymnasium. Well you would have thought she had been the person who actually nail good ol christ to the cross from the reaction she got. People attacking her left and right. It was disgusting, seriously sickening, watching the scathing attacks coming at her.

The hypocrisy of the religious follower never ceases to amaze me. I mean I know there are those "believers" who are nice and moral people. But do those morals really come from their religious belief, or is it they are moral people due to being raised to be so, taught it from their parents? If  it came from their religion then you would not see certain "believers" attacking other then would you? No they would be like every other good moral person I know. So that pretty much shoots the whole "you can't be moral unless you believe" argument out of the water in my opinion.

Sure there will be those that follow this line of thought and argue, "well they don't really believe" or "they aren't really true christians".... Bullshit, if they didn't believe, if they weren't truly christian, they wouldn't be so fanatical, attacking the poor girl simply because she doesn't believe as they do. They are so routed in the idea that god exists and is there for them that ANY question or action opposed to their belief is an affront to their religion and thus to them. Do I have that backwards? Maybe its an affront to them and their beliefs so THEN it must be one to their religion too.

I see that in many cases. Look at the Catholic church for example. Not that the Catholics are some paragon of morallity or anything, but the church DID declare evolution to be perfectly fine and work just as well with their belief in a deity. But there are several followers that refuse to accept it and thus take any mention of it as an affront against them and their god.

Oh well. I need to get back to work the 'memtest' on the laptop I am working on is almost complete. Later, if I think about it, I will write what has been bugging me about the whole feminist/misogynist thing going on in the Skeptic community.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Astrology and Tarot Card Con-artistry

So earlier today I was on Facebook (yeah still using it) and I notice a friend of mine (Joel) in a debate, of sorts, with a friend of his (I will call her Jen) who subsequently de-friended him over the argument. Jen had made a post, which I wish I had screen captured, about how she was wanting to offer a friend referral discounted of 50% to do Astrology and Numerology reading for them. Now, I usually don't get involved in these sorts of "threads" that show up in my feed, as I did not know her except through his Facebook link. You know the one that is in the upper right that says Joel has posted a comment...

Anyway it peaked my interest as his comment was stating something along the lines of:
"You realize the astrology/numerology has 0 lines of evidence for actually working. "
Again, I am paraphrasing as the post has been hidden and Joel was de-friended so I lost access. Anyway, something I haven't mentioned AT ALL, to anyone - as I am sort of embarrassed by it, is that I used to be a reader. That is to say, I used to ascribe to Astrology readings and charts as well as Tarot readings. Yeah, that's right, I was one of those guys. Now, I never charged money, though people were ready and willing to pay, I always felt it was not right to charge for these things; however, I knew many others that would charge for the readings.

So back to this debate: I see her attack Joel telling him to leave her post as it was meant for friends, yet here I see it and I am not her friend; therefore, she posted it openly to drum up business, a logical conclusion. So I had to post being as at one time I used to be a reader. I stated that:
As someone who used to do readings, I know for a fact these things are fake. That people will take from these reading things that only support what they believe in and support their ideas, and in many cases, they will blatantly reinterpret the readings to fit the results they want.

First and foremost, I know from the numerous readings I did throughout those years that they are vague, and I mean seriously vague. You can lay out a card and read it multiple ways and while you are interpreting it you get out of it what ever you want to. The person reading, will tell you that the meaning of the card is dependent on the surrounding cards and the nature of the question asked, or the reason for the reading in the first place. But truthfully, it is dependent on the reader and the person being read, ESPECIALLY if there is money involved.

There was this one reading I did for a friend of mine. She was seriously upset about a boyfriend, and how he was treating her. As I read the cards for her, she kept seeing positive results EVEN when the cards were in negative positions. I would read them as interpreted but she would say, "...maybe it is in reference to this situation or that situation." But ultimately she personally interpreted the reading in a positive direction and felt that things were going to be fine. Two months later they broke up and it was a BAD breakup. He assaulted her, went to jail, and she went into hiding for a little while. Then on top of that she blamed ME for her staying in the relationship. That was also the last reading I ever did...

I use to watch friends as they did readings for money and learned how they interpreted the cards. Understand, that as your reading the cards you're watching the person and how they are reacting to what your "interpreting" from the cards. The more favorable the reaction, the better they felt about the reading in general, the more likely they would pay for it. I also watched how they would twist and changed by "guiding" the subject into the interpretation, they would ask feeler questions.

See, when you're doing a reading your are NOT supposed to know the question as a reader, but ultimately the subject gives away the answer while doing the reading. The reader pulls it out of them through two things, interpretation, and feeler questions.

First, interpretation:
While reading the cards, they know you don't know the question, so you as the reader are having to try to "work for the interpretation" meaning, you lay out a card, and say:
"In this spot, this card represents your past influence, in respect to the question. "
What happens then is you have to "read" your subject to see if the card you are "interpreting" is applicable and fits. When you initially mention what the different meanings of the card are- in its orientation - the subject gives facial cues and ticks that lets you know you are or are not on the right path. As you read each card you get a sense of where it is heading. Once you get a good feel for that you go to the second part, "feeler questions".

Second, the feeler questions:
Feeler questions are sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, but always used. Let's go back to the example I had about the card as a past influence: After you lay the card out and you have a sense of where it is going, you then imply it as a statement, for example:
"This card represents past influence TO THE QUESTION"
This sets the stage. You have already tied it to the question, to the past, now you use what the card can represent. Remember I said these things are vague? Well, this is how it works for the reader: Lets say you lay down a card that represents "struggle", and in that you can place statements and questions like this,
This card CAN represent struggle
(Subject perks up)
The seriousness based on the other cards is high. Like a big fight you had recently? (watch for reaction)
(Subject nods. eyes widen, hand moves to chest)
OK, you have just established that they had a recent altercation and it was personal. How big or influential it was depends on other body cues, for example: how big or small the person opens their eyes, if they hold their breath, the hand moves to their chest, a small vocal noise is made, etc. All of these reactions and more are cues that tell the "reader" the path they are on.

It is all based on conning your subject into giving you the answers you need to give them the reading they want. Plain and simple. It works JUST the same for bad news too - you give them bad news but you read from them and their reactions, the level of news they will accept.

This is accepted buy the subject as I mentioned before because it reinforces their beliefs and ideas. This very same reinforcement and reinterpretation happens in religion and in 'spirituality' circles. If you know where and what to look for you can see it in every "true believer".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, This is YOUR Revolution

Right now in New York City, in a little park on Wall Street there are hundreds, and sometimes peaking at thousands of people protesting. What are they protesting?

Well according to some news sources, and people talking in general, lots of different things. One person I was speaking to this last weekend they are "calling for an end to capitalism" and true that SOME protestors are carrying signs saying this, BUT it is not the goal of the protest itself. They have a purpose which you can see video of Keith Olbermann reading here. They have a list of demands that can bee seen here.

So why Occupy Wall Street? Basically this is about Corporations and the control they have over us the citizens. To stop corporate influence on government and by extension on us.  To put the control BACK into the hands of the people. But this is NOT just occurring on wall street, its just where is started, right so the media has mentioned Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and a few other large cities, but it is happening everywhere. In My State Missouri, it is happening in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Joplin, and Springfield. To get a better Idea look at this map.

Looking at it you see a lot of cities nation wide, but it is not JUST an American movement, as you can also see this is an international movement, there are cities in Europe, Asia, and Australia, One or to locations have been reported in Africa as well, but unconfirmed at this point.

To get involved I will tell you it is a bit confusing at first, it is a leaderless movement, which means you voice matter, your voice counts, get involved. Go Look at that map, find a city near you and help out, look for them on Facebook, join the sight and offer help, or just see what is needed and help donate. But this is not just some fly by night occurrence, this is a movement that will just keep growing until we get our country back.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Today is Blaspheme Day, Hell everyday is Blaspheme Day for Me

Today, September 30th 2011 marks the 6th anniversary of the publishing of cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. As a reaction to these cartoons, riots broke out among Muslims who considered those cartoons to be “Blasphemous.”

Then,  in 2009, the Center For Inquiry introduced Blasphemy Day to support the rights of people to criticize and satirize all ideas and beliefs. Religious ideas and beliefs should not be above criticism or beyond satire. Blaspheme is an act punishable by death in several nations. In America, blasphemy laws remain on the books in six states, though supposedly largely arcane and not really enforced, try to tell that to atheists that have run for office.

Well I agree with JT Eberhard, on his post this morning:
"Today is Blasphemy Day? Yes. So was yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow will be Blasphemy Day as well. Every day we should be dismissive of silly ideas no matter how deeply people cherish them. (...)"

Goddamn right, everyday should be blasphemy day. Everyday we need to challenge the "norms " that a christian society has imposed on us. We should go out there and question the logic of a ethereal being's existence and control over a natural world. We need to shake people up and make them think. There is no god. And people should be able to say so without losing their jobs, homes, families, safety, and lives.

I remember as a devout little catholic I was so terrified of god's wrath that when I heard people say goddamn, I was literally sure they would be struck down. I pictured lighting and thunder and "BAM - BOOM - POW" dude got nailed into a jiggly pile of goo. Imagine my surprise when I started questioning my faith the first time I decide to Blaspheme I stood in my backyard, and screamed GOD DAMN to the world and nothing happened. It was much like Jenna Malone's character in Saved! when she stood before the Cross at a church and with a fear in her eyes said it to the crucifix. It made me think a little harder about the furious wrathful god, and all the evil shit he did to people for being ungodly.

No everyday we should be out there deny the holy spirit (the unforgivable sin) and blaspheming in full view of those around us. Make even more people question their faiths, bring to light the illogical claims their dogma makes and engage them (confront them) when asked how we can so blatantly disregard god. Because simply put no god or gods exist and we need to stop putting so much effort to irrational beliefs and concentrate on thing that exist here and now. Things that ARE affecting our daily lives like global warming and wall street.

Please take the time today to remember that the draw Mohammad movement, moved us to where we have this day, thats great. But also remember, that we need to blaspheme everyday to wake those dogmatic zombies up from irrationality and bring them to the light (as it were).

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Right Wing is Just Incredibly Sickening to Me

During the September 7th Republican debate, the right wing crowd cheered Perry for Prisoner executions in Texas, which you can see here, youtube. Cheering for the death of others, seriously? But that's not all.

During the September 12th Republican debate, the right wing crowd cheered and yelled 'YEAH!' when Wolf Blitzer, while asking Ron Paul a question about healthcare states, 'So are you saying we should let him die?', which can be seen here, youtube. So cheer for the deaths of others, not once, but twice? This is deplorable, and inhumane. I mean the most absolutely dispicable sort of reaction in both cases. But wait that's still not all.

During the September 22nd Republican debate, some right wing crowd members Booed a Gay soldiers question that if any of the candidates would change or reverse to progress made for BGLT. Which can be seen here, youtube again (don't you just love youtube?). Booed? WTF??? The same people that scream we MUST support our troops. The same people that we profess we are to put these men and women on pedestals. These people jeered the question of a gay service member? The double standard hypocrisy of the right wing knows no bounds.

NONE of the candidates on stage commented or chastised any of these actions from on stage... NOT ONE!!! Save for the next day, when it was nice and safe, from their offices, statements were released. Like in the case of the latest incident with the booing of the serviceman, some of them released statements condemning the action. Rick Santorum claimed he didn't hear the boo's, however, he apparently has a hearing problem. Former New Mexico governor Garry Johnson, who said he heard the boos from the stage and condemned their intolerance, though again not from the stage. Also, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, who thought the first response to a soldier in uniform should be to thank him or her for their service. Just watch the video yourself the boo's are as plain and loud as Rick Santorum himself when he starts to speak.

These are not fringe of society nut bags, hiding in the woods stocking up weapons. These are out in the open, right next door, or next to you on the bus, nutbags. These asses live in society with us and make their Idiocy know far and wide. These people with their uneducated stances and ill informed views, are not only open about it, but they think they are right! These same people are professed Christians by a LARGE margin and yet ignore the teachings of their own believed messiah of love thy neighbor (Mathew 19:19) and even love your enemies, do good to those who hate you (Luke 6:27).

These people Believe in a magic sky being, who is watching and judging them, for their actions. This is what is supposed to be "keeping them moral" and yet here they are being immoral and DENYING Christ by ignoring his teachings. These people who time and time again claim the moral high ground especially over atheists, also turn and show their true colors, in just how immoral they can be, time and time again. yet another HUGE example of the failure of religion. The point where the score keeper is supposed to keep everyone honest totally FAILS!!!

This is the true legacy of religion the failure to be a true means of social control, as it has been shown throughout history, the Dark ages, the Crusades,the Inquisition, the 'Manifest destiny' of American settlement, boarding schools, the Holocaust. These examples and many many more that can be cited for the failure of religion in society are are one of the biggest indicators of the lack of an actual existing god. For if there were a benevolent, all seeing, all powerful being, he would have, a long time ago, spoken to all and said:

The entire religious right culture, It's just incredibly sickening to me....