Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Again I Haven't Written in Awhile

I go through spells where I just don't feel like writing. For years I had heard how terrible my writing is and I think that it has put a sort of block in my head where I just don't want to write some days...

However, lately I have also noticed that i have not real desire to try to write when I think it will do little good as well. What I mean is, that I see bloggers, lots of them, saying pretty much what I want to say. But very little seems to be coming out of it. The same stupid people reply with their attacks or the same supportive people with thier huzzahs. But I rarely see those, "wow I didn't know this", or "this really moved me", or "changed my opinion".

Recently I have been following the blogs and news about Jessica Ahlquist and man did she light a fire under the Theists asses recently. See she won her case against the Cranston Rhode Island school board for them having a prayer banner in their gymnasium. Well you would have thought she had been the person who actually nail good ol christ to the cross from the reaction she got. People attacking her left and right. It was disgusting, seriously sickening, watching the scathing attacks coming at her.

The hypocrisy of the religious follower never ceases to amaze me. I mean I know there are those "believers" who are nice and moral people. But do those morals really come from their religious belief, or is it they are moral people due to being raised to be so, taught it from their parents? If  it came from their religion then you would not see certain "believers" attacking other then would you? No they would be like every other good moral person I know. So that pretty much shoots the whole "you can't be moral unless you believe" argument out of the water in my opinion.

Sure there will be those that follow this line of thought and argue, "well they don't really believe" or "they aren't really true christians".... Bullshit, if they didn't believe, if they weren't truly christian, they wouldn't be so fanatical, attacking the poor girl simply because she doesn't believe as they do. They are so routed in the idea that god exists and is there for them that ANY question or action opposed to their belief is an affront to their religion and thus to them. Do I have that backwards? Maybe its an affront to them and their beliefs so THEN it must be one to their religion too.

I see that in many cases. Look at the Catholic church for example. Not that the Catholics are some paragon of morallity or anything, but the church DID declare evolution to be perfectly fine and work just as well with their belief in a deity. But there are several followers that refuse to accept it and thus take any mention of it as an affront against them and their god.

Oh well. I need to get back to work the 'memtest' on the laptop I am working on is almost complete. Later, if I think about it, I will write what has been bugging me about the whole feminist/misogynist thing going on in the Skeptic community.