Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mysogynist Asshat Douche-Baggary is Screwing the Atheist Community

Jen McCreight has withdrawn from writing her blog any longer, I haz a sad. :-(

To the rest of the community, namely the hecklers and Idiots.


Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people? I thought when all this first broke out the most of the people were like me when I first dicovered I was a sexist, in denial. But after about 6 months I realized that NO these are the same idiots who keep posting the same vitriolic bullshit, month after month. They aren't learning or trying to see it from the opposite side, and instead maintain attack after attack. Yet, the have the nerve to call themselves Skeptics and Atheists???

Well they aren't.

A skeptic, a TRUE Skeptic looks at the situation from BOTH sides of the argument. Even if their bias at first leads to denial, a true skeptic will reason out the issue logically, and arrive at a reasoned decision. However many of these fuckers keep on going...

About two years ago my partner, came home from class an introduced me to some articles on objectification of women, after reading them I immediately said, "yeah, well that's not me". WRONG, I was dead wrong, I started looking around at what I do and say, how I look around at women in general. I was appalled. But I had to make the realization and then adjustments myself. I had always thought I was supportive of feminism, but never realize that I had pretty much kept it at arms length as it were.

But now we have douche-bags, who dare call themselves Skeptics, who are instead maintaining the status qo and attacking repeatedly over and over these beautiful women who are just trying to open our eyes and help us out of the misogyny we live under.

Here is a clue for you idiot guys and gals.

Just because you grew up with it in everyday society

 Slavery, was an everyday part of society, Women not having a vote was an everyday part of society, Thinking less of other races because their skin wasn't white was an everyday part of society, The earth being the center of the solar system was and everyday part of society.


So are you for maintaining these bullshit attacks for a year and a half.

When Atheism + came out I was like hell no we don't need to divide ourselves further, we need to find a middle ground and fix it. Well guess what, Atheism Plus didnt divide us, YOU Asshats did. I signed up and registered with the A+ forums today. You Mysogynist can have your little corner and grow the fuck up when reality slaps you in the face.


  1. So how do you feel about this situation these days out of curiosity?

    1. Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply Kimberly, I have been so totally busy the past month and a half.

      I still feel pretty much the same about this entire post, with attacks still occurring from places like the Slympit, or other boys clubs like gamergate and my daughters most recent research on women in gaming. Yes, I still feel that a most of these so called skeptics are not at all true to what it means to be a skeptic. Most are boys who are comfortable with the status quo, and very uncomfortable thinking they are doing any wrong.

      I hope this answers your question, if you were seeking more about something specific in my post let me know.