Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I have been OBVIOUSLY Absent

Sorry I have been away I went through a period of not wanting to write anything. and then I got side tracked beta testing a game that goes live today called World of Tanks. A LOT of fun!!!! If you like games like Mech-Warrior, you would like this game too check it out...

So not much has been happening. The economy sucks and I took a voluntary 3 week break from work, as we had NO work to do. Welcome to the AWESOME lows of capitalism!!!

IT really sucks you know, I have a good job really, but when your job is dependent on an economy of buy/sell and supply/demand well you just can't maintain an existence reliably, as your life is dependent on the whims of others, seriously. This is what I hate about capitalism in order to provide a stable life for ones family you have to depend on other spending their hard earned cash and when things become, well shitty, your dependency becomes blatantly obvious.

Growing up with tribal values has been what has saved us in this bad recession. Because we are giving people, when we needed our friends came and gave to us, to help keep us going while I wasn't working. That's one of the main aspects of what's called COMMUNISM and it does work. because my kids didn't go hungry, we still have utilities, and I am here NOT depressed over trivial things that normally would occur in this country.

Alas, I have to make this short, I am at work on a break ATM, and break is almost over, but I wanted to drop something to think about.

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