Friday, September 30, 2011

Today is Blaspheme Day, Hell everyday is Blaspheme Day for Me

Today, September 30th 2011 marks the 6th anniversary of the publishing of cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. As a reaction to these cartoons, riots broke out among Muslims who considered those cartoons to be “Blasphemous.”

Then,  in 2009, the Center For Inquiry introduced Blasphemy Day to support the rights of people to criticize and satirize all ideas and beliefs. Religious ideas and beliefs should not be above criticism or beyond satire. Blaspheme is an act punishable by death in several nations. In America, blasphemy laws remain on the books in six states, though supposedly largely arcane and not really enforced, try to tell that to atheists that have run for office.

Well I agree with JT Eberhard, on his post this morning:
"Today is Blasphemy Day? Yes. So was yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow will be Blasphemy Day as well. Every day we should be dismissive of silly ideas no matter how deeply people cherish them. (...)"

Goddamn right, everyday should be blasphemy day. Everyday we need to challenge the "norms " that a christian society has imposed on us. We should go out there and question the logic of a ethereal being's existence and control over a natural world. We need to shake people up and make them think. There is no god. And people should be able to say so without losing their jobs, homes, families, safety, and lives.

I remember as a devout little catholic I was so terrified of god's wrath that when I heard people say goddamn, I was literally sure they would be struck down. I pictured lighting and thunder and "BAM - BOOM - POW" dude got nailed into a jiggly pile of goo. Imagine my surprise when I started questioning my faith the first time I decide to Blaspheme I stood in my backyard, and screamed GOD DAMN to the world and nothing happened. It was much like Jenna Malone's character in Saved! when she stood before the Cross at a church and with a fear in her eyes said it to the crucifix. It made me think a little harder about the furious wrathful god, and all the evil shit he did to people for being ungodly.

No everyday we should be out there deny the holy spirit (the unforgivable sin) and blaspheming in full view of those around us. Make even more people question their faiths, bring to light the illogical claims their dogma makes and engage them (confront them) when asked how we can so blatantly disregard god. Because simply put no god or gods exist and we need to stop putting so much effort to irrational beliefs and concentrate on thing that exist here and now. Things that ARE affecting our daily lives like global warming and wall street.

Please take the time today to remember that the draw Mohammad movement, moved us to where we have this day, thats great. But also remember, that we need to blaspheme everyday to wake those dogmatic zombies up from irrationality and bring them to the light (as it were).

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