Monday, September 26, 2011

The Right Wing is Just Incredibly Sickening to Me

During the September 7th Republican debate, the right wing crowd cheered Perry for Prisoner executions in Texas, which you can see here, youtube. Cheering for the death of others, seriously? But that's not all.

During the September 12th Republican debate, the right wing crowd cheered and yelled 'YEAH!' when Wolf Blitzer, while asking Ron Paul a question about healthcare states, 'So are you saying we should let him die?', which can be seen here, youtube. So cheer for the deaths of others, not once, but twice? This is deplorable, and inhumane. I mean the most absolutely dispicable sort of reaction in both cases. But wait that's still not all.

During the September 22nd Republican debate, some right wing crowd members Booed a Gay soldiers question that if any of the candidates would change or reverse to progress made for BGLT. Which can be seen here, youtube again (don't you just love youtube?). Booed? WTF??? The same people that scream we MUST support our troops. The same people that we profess we are to put these men and women on pedestals. These people jeered the question of a gay service member? The double standard hypocrisy of the right wing knows no bounds.

NONE of the candidates on stage commented or chastised any of these actions from on stage... NOT ONE!!! Save for the next day, when it was nice and safe, from their offices, statements were released. Like in the case of the latest incident with the booing of the serviceman, some of them released statements condemning the action. Rick Santorum claimed he didn't hear the boo's, however, he apparently has a hearing problem. Former New Mexico governor Garry Johnson, who said he heard the boos from the stage and condemned their intolerance, though again not from the stage. Also, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, who thought the first response to a soldier in uniform should be to thank him or her for their service. Just watch the video yourself the boo's are as plain and loud as Rick Santorum himself when he starts to speak.

These are not fringe of society nut bags, hiding in the woods stocking up weapons. These are out in the open, right next door, or next to you on the bus, nutbags. These asses live in society with us and make their Idiocy know far and wide. These people with their uneducated stances and ill informed views, are not only open about it, but they think they are right! These same people are professed Christians by a LARGE margin and yet ignore the teachings of their own believed messiah of love thy neighbor (Mathew 19:19) and even love your enemies, do good to those who hate you (Luke 6:27).

These people Believe in a magic sky being, who is watching and judging them, for their actions. This is what is supposed to be "keeping them moral" and yet here they are being immoral and DENYING Christ by ignoring his teachings. These people who time and time again claim the moral high ground especially over atheists, also turn and show their true colors, in just how immoral they can be, time and time again. yet another HUGE example of the failure of religion. The point where the score keeper is supposed to keep everyone honest totally FAILS!!!

This is the true legacy of religion the failure to be a true means of social control, as it has been shown throughout history, the Dark ages, the Crusades,the Inquisition, the 'Manifest destiny' of American settlement, boarding schools, the Holocaust. These examples and many many more that can be cited for the failure of religion in society are are one of the biggest indicators of the lack of an actual existing god. For if there were a benevolent, all seeing, all powerful being, he would have, a long time ago, spoken to all and said:

The entire religious right culture, It's just incredibly sickening to me....

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again; True Christianity is being demonstrated by Atheists more than Christians in this country. We care about fair trials for inmates, feeding the poor, taking care of widows and infants and women's health. While the Christian conservatives shout for death and letting people go homeless and dying in the streets with no remorse. Who's evil here again?. I'm confused.