Monday, September 19, 2011

Why are atheists suddenly attacking religion (christians)

I have seen this reference in many poll, poll responses, and blogs spots... Thing is yeah it is fairly new but there is a reason why Atheists are suddenly so vocal, and just because we are becoming more vocal it is NOT necessarily an attack...

For many centuries it was a punishable offense to be an atheist in the world, In fact it still causes prejudice, in many cases people are ostracized for being openly atheist... People have been fired from jobs, kicked out of organization refused admittance to job and organizations for having the atheist stance... And example 15% of the US is now estimated to be atheist, how come there is only ONE atheist in government open about it? because simply put the is no way in hell an open atheist would get elected in this country... that one atheist came out after he had been elected to office...

Recently well known people (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, etc.) have stood up and said we are tired of it and fighting back against this continued oppression (YES Oppression). the atheists of the world have been and are still oppressed in many areas. In some communities around the world you are still open to be KILLED because of an atheist stance...

The reason it appears "the 'in' thing to do" is because millions of atheists who, until recently, have been afraid to speak openly, are now coming out, like the previously mentioned people, because of this oppression are saying "NO, we arent taking it any longer"... They are arguing back for once strongly and openly... they are feeling empowered and able to do so without fear of overt retribution...

As for the whole "attacking christianity all of a sudden", that is not the case. We are vocal against all religion, even peace loving Buddhist, As religion leads to illogical conclusions, conformity to authoritarian rule, and well closed mindedness in general. I could list a whole slew of other things as well but it would be redundant. The reason it appears to be christianity is the simple fact, really...

We live in a country (countries) dominated by christians, it is who we deal with on a daily basis and what cult/sects we are most familiar with. Many of us are Ex-christians, though many believers try to play that off. SO it would stand to reason that we would talk about christianity the most.


  1. The hardest thing for Christians to understand is their own prejudice. They lack understanding and the will to understand anything that is outside their own experience. They are the most fearful people I have ever seen.
    They are told that god is love, yet they can go to hell for not engaging in the hate that he instructs them to have toward anything that might take them away from his love. I'd be confused myself.

  2. Personally I tend to keep quiet about my atheism out of fear of being ostracized at work, lectured to death from family members, etc. I can only hope the day will come when I can openly say that religion is the biggest scam in the history of the human race... Islam, Chistianity, makes no difference. More human beings have been killed in the name of "God" than for any other reason, yet we are evil for not believing in an invisible white bearded robe and sandal wearing all powerful all knowing being who sits idly by while "his children" destroy each other

  3. @Leigh - One shouldn't be afraid, I mean it definitely depends on where you live of course but, in the states there are so many resources for atheists that weren't there just a couple of years ago. Freedom From Religion, for example, of course the ACLU. I, knowing where you live, would not be afraid at all, IN FACT. Your city recently hosted a BIG atheist convention just a couple months ago...

    There are many of us willing to help as well, Look up Damon Fowler, and you will read how after he came out, he was kicked out, and disowned by his family. The Atheist community banded together and helped make sure he had funds to go to college (being as he had just graduated from high school), the scholarship was $31,250. We became his family.

    The more we draw attention to the hypocrisy of the religious the more we out them to other willing to leave and weaken their position. If you want to come out and are worried sometime call me I will do my best to hook you up with resources, you know how to get a hold of me.

  4. Ohh and HEY STOP KNOCKING SANDAL WEARERS... I am one /Sadface